Corset Collection

This collection includes vintage corset outfits, perfect for vintage cosplay, burlesque dance and more.

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Corsets Collection


Black Rose

Corset & Stockings Corset & Skirts Boudoir Valentina Reg / Sm Bustle Skirt
Collar Black Rose Loli Hat Top Hat w/ Hair Lush Gloves LUSH lace
Victorian Walking Boot Valentina Bootlet Frilly boot Boudoir Slippers
Cinched Corsets

Corset & Stockings Corset & Skirts Bustle
Loli Hat Lush Gloves Valentina Bootlet Victorian Boot
Choker Bangles


Lilac skirts Corset & Stockings BurlyQ Corset Lilac Bustle
Loli hat Gloves Valentina Bootlet Victorian boot

Sage / Pink

Corset Top Satin Skirts
Corset & Blouse Sage Bloomers Corset & Skirts Corset & Stockings Boudoir
Bustle Skirt Sage Loli Hat LUSH Gloves Valentina Boots Sage Victorian Boots


BurlyQ Corset Rose Pink Corset & skirts Pink Corset & Stockings Pink Bustle
Corset Top Pink Bloomers Boudoir
Loli Hat Gloves Valentina Bootlet Pink Victorian Boots

Rose Q

Seafoam BurlyQ Seafoam Hat Gloves Valentina Bootlet
Choker Bangles

Powder Blue

Corset & Stockings Powder Blue Corset Skirts PDBlue Bustle PDBlue
Hat PDBlue Gloves PDBlue Valentina bootlet PD Blue

White / Cream / Pearl

Corset & Blouse Bloomers Cream Baby Burlesque Pearl Corset & Stockings
Loli Hat Pearl Lush Pearl Fingerless Pearl Valentina Pearl Cream boots
Lace Collar Pearl Choker

Red / Black

Dk Red w/ skirts Corset & Stockings Ruby Red 2 Ruby Scarlet LT Red/Black Bustle Boudoir Lingerie
Sweetheart Hat Red Victorian Frill Hat Ruby Lolita Hat Valentina Bootlet Victorian Boot Red
Gloves Lush Lace Red Lush Lace black Lush Lace Gloves Bloody Nails
Black Ruby Collar Red Ruby Collar

Just Corsets - Not Cinched, No Stockings
Black Rose Leopard Chained Hearts Seafoam Black Gold Lilac BurlyQ Rose Pink


Corset & Skirts

Pearl White Rose Quartz Black Rose Emerald
Ruby Corset & Skirts Ruby Red 2 Amethyst Sapphire Black Pearl

Corset & Stockings

White White Pearl White Rose Quartz Emerald stck
Ruby Corset & Stockings Ruby Scarlet LT Amethyst Sapphire Black Pearl
Green Gold Red Gold Black Gold

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