Classique Collection

This collection includes classic vintage furniture, clothing and accessories
all in black, red, white and tan!

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Classique Collection

Classique Collection


White Strapless Black Red Strapless Red Velvet Strapless Black pearl gem gown Silver Black Strapless
Elise Victorian Dress Elise Red Boudoir Lingerie Velvetina Queen of Hearts Gown


Gloves white Gloves Black Gloves Red Scarlet Med Bloody Med


Wrist flower L Wrist Bow R Choker Earrings
Veil Bouquet 1 Bouquet 2 Wedding Ring
Red lace collar Ruby Lace Collar Black Lace Collar White Lace Collar


Brass Bed Living Room Set Biedermeier Beidermeier Chairs Victorian Parlour Set Chair & Ottoman BL Tan Chair & Otto red black
White Gold Chaise Red Chaise BL Tan Chaise BL Tan Chaise 2
Black Round Rug Black Rect. Rug Red Round Rug Red Rect. Rug Red Shag Round Red Shag Round 2

More coming soon!

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