Délicat Collection

The Délicat Collection includes gowns and accessories perfect for a wedding, spring party, or any occasion when you want to wear something delicate and pretty!

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Delicat Collection


Ivory Gown Lingerie Boudoir Flower Girl Long Flower Girl Short
Boudoir Slippers Spike Heels Ankle Boot Kitten Heel Mary Janes
Fingerless Gloves Lush Gloves Lush Nails
Choker Earrings Cuff R Cuff L Rose Crown Side Roses


Pink Gown Pink Lingerie Flower Girl Short
Side Roses Stiletto Heels Kitten Heel MJ's


Blue Gown Blue Lingerie Flower Girl Long blue Flower Girl Short
Stiletto Heels Victorian Slippers Kitten Heel MJ's
Cuff L Cuff R Earrings Choker


Delicat Gown Delicat Lingerie Flower Girl Long Flower Girl Short
Spike Heels Kitten Heels lilac
Lush Nails
Earrings Cuff L Cuff R Choker


Peach & Silver Gown Peach and peach gown Lingerie Flower girl long peach Flower Girl short
Man's Tux Peach vest Man's Tux trousers
Delicat Stiletto Girly Heels w/ Stockings Girly Heels Kitten heel peach
Pearl Tiara & Veil Hat w/ veil Roses Crown Side Roses Lush Nails Lush Gloves
Peach Choker Cuff R Cuff L Peach Bangles Earrings

More coming soon!

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