Elegance Christmas Collection

The Elegance Christmas Collection:


I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I have enjoyed making it. It began as a desire to decorate my own home, and not being able to find just the right things, I started making them.

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Burgundy Blouse Gold blouse w/ jabot Burgundy w/ jabot Gold Corset Top
Bell Addon Sleeves Puff Addon Sleeve


High Waist Layerable Skirt Long Gold Skirt Burgundy Skirt Gold slinky skirt

Fur Trimmed Outfits:

Full Outfit Mini & Boots sheer mini Gown Hood & Shrug Shrug Fur Collar Fur Hand Muff Gold Furry Gloves Burgundy Furry Gloves

Medieval / Renaissance Outfit Pieces:
Renaissance White Gold Black hair gold Headdress Red hair gold headdress White Gold Flats Pearl & Gold Necklace White Gold Mask
Renaissance Burgundy Headdress Red hair burgundy headdress Burgundy Flats Medieval Necklace Burgundy Mask
Renaissance Green Headdress Red hair green headdress Green Flats Emerald Necklace Green Mask


Strapless Gown Southern Christmas Belle Victorian Christmas Gown Victorian Christmas Gown Green & Gold Gothic Victorian Gold Victorian Gown Gown


Loli Dolly Lolita Dress Frilly Gloves Doll Hair Loli Hat Victorian Frill Hat Bowler
Bootlet Mary Janes Loli Boots Fur Heels Knee Boots


Full Outfit Mini & Boots Fur Mini w/ stockings Vintage Blouse & Skirt Mini
Santa Tunic Santa Mini Corset Mistress in Burgundy ClubN Halter & Heels Bolero & Mini
BMXXL Mini dress Burgundy Mini Burgundy Dance Dress Burgundy Swing Dress Lace Halter

Sweater & Jeans Jeans & Sweater Powerfit BMXXL
Pinup Reg/SM Punup Medium Punup BMXXL

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Stockings Solid CrissCross Stockings Gold Stockings Light Gold Stockings


Bootlet Burgundy Boot Burgundy dress heels Gold Heels Fur & Chains Ankle Boots Thigh Boots Thigh Boots BMXXL
Bead Heels Bead Platforms Pinup heels w/ stockings Girly Heels Slingbacks
Santa Boots Buckle Boots Victorian Dress Heels Mary Janes Loli Boots Fur Heels Ankle boots 2
Gold Flats Green Flats Burgundy Flats


ImyDo Updo with gold Ice White with Gold ImyDo Updo with burgundy gold Ice White w/ Burgundy Deco
Tiny Hat Santa Hat Doll Hair Loli Hat Victorian Frill Hat Bowler
Crown of Roses - Burgundy Gold Burgundy Gold Hair Roses Black gold hair roses Gold hair roses Burgundy hair roses


Lush Burnished Gold Long Gold Nails Medium Gold Nails Burgundy nails long Burgundy nails med


Frilly Gloves Bangles w/ nails Sheer gold gloves Short gloves Gloves half Lace Gloves Burgundy


Lace Cuff Choker Earrings
Bead Earrings Bead Choker Burgundy Gold Hoops Burgundy Gold Pendant Burgundy Gold Drop Earrings Burgundy Gold Cuff R Burgundy Gold Cuff L

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Christmas Trees

Simple Tree w/ Kissing Spot Tree w/ Seating & Toy Train
Burgundy Gold Tree Elegance Gold Tree You Help Decorate Rotating burgundy tree Rotating Gold tree


Just Mistletoe Shy Kiss Mistletoe Romantic Kiss

Wreaths, Garlands, Packages, etc.

Simple Burgundy Wreath Animated Wreath Gold Wreath Animated Bell Wreath
Garland Garland 2 Garland 3 Gold Garland
Packages 1 Packages 2 Packages 3 Gold Packages Animated Package Wrapping
Burgundy Poinsettia Burgundy Candle Tray Burgundy Poinsettia Candle Burgundy Gold Floor Candles Bowl of Ornaments 3 Candle Centerpiece
Burgundy Stocking v. 1 Burgundy Stocking v. 2 Burgundy Stocking v. 3 Green Stocking v. 4 Gold Stocking v. 5
Lights Ceiling Baubles Ceiling Bells

Dining and Foodstuffs

Egg Nog Punch Bowl Egg Nog Tray Egg Nog Drinking
Elegant Tea Tray Placesetting Serving Plate Tea set Tea Cup Plates & napkins
Display dishes Goblet Xmas Cookies Cookie Tray Petit Fours Sm Petit Fours plate
Cake with cherry frosting Marshmallow cake Cupcake tray

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Fun Stuff
Train you can ride! Animation w/ Hatbox Santa's Throne

Classic Furniture
Gold Folding Screen Burgundy Folding Screen Xmas folding screen Wall w/ bookshelves Chaise Floor Pillows

Fireplace China Cabinet Sideboard Sleigh Sofa Sleigh Chair
Burgundy Antique Chair Burgundy Antique Sofa Burgundy Half-Round Sofa Burgundy Chair & Ottoman
Gold Animated Reading Chair Gold Antique Chair Gold Antique Sofa Gold Half-Round Sofa Gold Chair & Ottoman Gold Antique Chair
Burgundy Reading Chair Burgundy Stripe Antique Chair Burgundy Stripe Antique Sofa Burgundy Half-Round Sofa Burgundy Chair & Ottoman Burgundy Chair
Green Stripe Antique Chair Green Stripe Antique Sofa Green Stripe Antique Sofa Green Chair & Ottoman
Burgundy Ottoman Burgundy Puff Stool Burgundy Floating Pillow Gold Ottoman Gold Puff Stool Gold Floating Pillow
Burgundy Round Rug Burgundy Rectangle Rug Burgundy Shag Gold Round Rug Gold Rectangle Rug
Door Mat 1 Door mat 2 Doormat 3
Burgundy Dining Table Complete Gold Dining Table Complete Gold Dining Table for Two Burgundy Dining Table for Two Gold Coffee Klatch Table for Two
Burgundy Display Table No standing nodes Burgundy Display Table Burgundy Stripe Bar Stool Gold Bar Stool Burgundy Gold Bar Stool
Burgundy Table Lamp Gold Floor Lamp Burgundy Floor Lamp
Burgundy Gold Xmas Window Burgundy Xmas Window Gold Xmas Window Light Winter Window Burgundy Curtains

Gold Bedroom Set Burgundy Xmas Bedroom Set Burgundy Stripe Bedroom Set
Brass bed gold Brass bed Christmas burgundy Brass Bed Burg stripe


Great Room Cozy Christmas Room Craftsman Christmas Home

More coming soon!

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Abathyr's Christmas Grrl

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