Military Collection

The Military Collection includes vintage style outfits great for Circus Ringmaster, Lolita Majorette,
Steampunk Soldier and more.

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Military Costumery

Military Collection


Jacket & Pants Jacket & Skirts Blue Teal Cap Boots Blue epaulettes Silver epaulettes


Military w/ pants red Military w/ skirt Red HS Majorette Majorette Busty Lolita dress Kids Lolita Dress
Military "Wiggle" Dresses in 3 Sizes
Red Sm Wiggle Medium Red Wiggle Fig82 Red
Vertigo boots Red Loli Boots


jacket & Pants Black jacket w/ skirt black Black trousers SM Trousers Black Med Jacket Black
Military "Wiggle" Dresses in 3 Sizes
Sm Tight Black Med Tight Black Fig82 Black

Vertigo boots black


Top Hat Uniform tall hat Cap Red Military Cap BLK Loli Cap Black Hair Loli Cap Blonde Hair
Crop Whip Cane Epaulette Red Epaulettes Black


BLG Military LTH Military Black jacket and pants Military frill dress
Jesse Trousers No Shoes Jesse Trousers Outfit Black gold outfit no shoes Full Outfit Black Gold
Black Gold Buckle Boots Brown Leather Boots Thigh Boots Black gold thigh boots

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