The Rose Quartz Collection

Rose Quartz Collection

If you love pink, you'll love the The Rose Quartz Collection. Rose quartz is the gemstone of love and the heart. The jewelry sets are all centered around pale pink rose quartz gemstones some in silver settings, some just 3d pearl shapes. Matching clothing and other accessories are at the bottom of the page.

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Rose Quartz Fairy

Rose Quartz Fae Dress
Rose Quartz Fae Dress Rose Quartz Wings Fairy Legs/ Feet Full Arms & Hands Necklace Earrings Forehead Circlet

~~ Rose Quartz Satin Harlow ~~
Pale Pink Satin Gown Pale Pink  Fur Pale Pink  Gloves Vintage Heels

~~ Rose Quartz Goddess ~~
Goddess Gown Thigh High Boots Short Boots
Lush Nails Lush Hands Full Arms & Hands Bracelet R Bracelet L
Crown Forehead Circlet Earrings Necklace
Goddess Bundle

Goddess Outfit

~~ BurlyQ Cinched Corset Outfits ~~
Corset & skirts Rose Quartz Pink Bustle
Valentina Bootlet Loli Hat Gloves

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~~ Délicat Collection ~~
Pink Gown Pink Lingerie Flower Girl Short
Stiletto Heels Kitten Heel MJ's Lush Nails Lush Gloves
Choker Earrings Pink Cuff R Pink Cuff L Pink Side Roses

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~~ Jewelry ~~
Pearl Seed Dangles Hoop Earrings Drop Earrings Delicat Drops
Pearl Seed Dangles 3 Strand Pearls 2 Strand Pearls Pearls Choker Choker w/ Dangles
Pearl Bracelet R Pearl Bracelet L Pink Bangles

~~ Hair ~~
Cream blonde rose quartz Jet Rose Quartz Marga Blonde Marga Jet

~~ Shoes ~~
Heels w/ stockings Girly Heels Gemstone Stiletto Rose Quartz

~~ Matching Clothing ~~
Gemstone Gown Rose Pink    Rose Pink    Rose Pink Halter
Rose Pink Corset Gown    Pink Corset    Corset Delilah Sweetheart Lolita      

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