The Rubies & Diamonds Collection

Ruby Diamond Collection

If you love elegant "old world" jewelry, you'll love the R&D Collection. Brilliant ruby gemstones in diamond-cluster settings add style and sparkle to your wardrobe.

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~~ RUBY Satin ~~
Ruby Satin Gown Ruby  Fur Ruby  Gloves
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~~ RUBY Goddess Outfit ~~

Ruby Gown Thigh Boots Ankle Boots Necklace Earrings Circlet
Bracelets Full Arms Hands Nails

~~ Vintage Burlesque Cinched Corset Outfits ~~
Ruby Corset & Skirts Ruby Red 2 Cinched Corset & Stockings Boudoir Lingerie
Gloves Lush Lace Red Lush Lace black Lush Lace Gloves Bloody Nails
Sweetheart Hat Red Victorian Frill Hat Ruby Lolita Hat Victorian Boot Red Valentina Bootlet
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Vintage Corset Outfits

~~ Jewelry & Accessories ~~
Necklace right bracelet left bracelet Earrings

Armband Belt Garter (L) Garter (R)

Choker v.1 Choker v.2 Red Velvet Gloves

~~ Shoes ~~
Ruby Diamond Stilettos Dark Red Ankle Boots Velvet Boots Collar Heels Girly Heels Girly w/ stockings

~~ Hair ~~
Marga Jet Ruby Marga Blonde Ruby ImyDo Red Ruby ImyDo Blonde Ruby ImyDo Jet Ruby White ImyDo Ruby

~~ Matching Clothing ~~
Ruby Corset & Mini Lace top & jeans Strapless Gown Red Velvet Puff Ruffle Gemstone Gown

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