The Steampunk Collection

If you love Victoriana / Steampunk fashion, you'll love the Jesse - Steampunk Adventurer Collection.

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SLENDER Hands / Gloves
Toolset Nails Slender hand Gloves Brown Lth Gloves w/ toolset nails Brn Lth Gloves w/ reg nails
Brass Key Accessories:
Brass Key Choker Brass Key Long Chain Brass Key Charm Bracelet L Brass Key Charm Bracelet R Brass Key Earrings
Brass Key Top Hat Brass Key Bow Tie BRN Cream Brass Key Bow Tie Black
Layerable Skirts:
Back skirt Black White Back skirt Black Red Layerable Backskirt Layerable Backskirt 2
Lingerie Sets:
Lingerie Black White Lingerie Set - Black Black Lingerie Set - Black Red Leather & Lace Lingerie

~~ Outfits From Jesse's Steampunk Trunk ~~
~~ Dresses / Gowns / Skirts ~~

Pink Chocolate Black & Tan
Black Jacket & Skirts Green Jacket & Skirts Red jacket & skirts

Leather Jumper Corset Dress Jesse Steampunk Lolita Jesse Dress Jesse Long Dress Military frill dress

~~ Trouser Outfits ~~

Jesse Trousers No Shoes Jesse Trousers Outfit Black gold outfit no shoes Full Outfit Black Gold

BLG Military LTH Military Black jacket and pants

From the Gloriana Collection:

Gown Purple Black gold gown Dark Gold Gown Green gown Gloriana Gold

Victorianesque Steampunkish
Leather & Lace Lingerie Lingerie Black White Lingerie Set - Black Black Lingerie Set - Black Red
Cream Bloomers Black Bloomers Red Bloomers
Corset & Chemise Cream Leather Corset Top BRN Black leather Corset Top Corset & Chemise BLK RED
Layerable Petticoat Layerable Backskirt Layerable Backskirt 2 Back skirt Black White Back skirt Black Red

Cinched Corset & Skirts Cameo Cuffs Cameo Choker Cameo Hat
Knee Boots Back lace brown leather boots
Cinched Corset Dress Pink Lace Cameo Choker Pink Lace Cameo Cuffs Pink Fur Stole Pink Hat
Pink Fur Boots Back Bow Boots Valentina Boots

Elle Gown in Sage Elle Tophat in Sage Elle Gown in Rust Elle Tophat in Rust Elle Gown Mauve Elle Tophat Mauve

Steampunk Teardrop Earrings Steampunk RustCameo Earrings Rust Cameo Choker Cameo Ring Rust
Mauve Cameo Earrings Mauve Cameo Choker Mauve Cameo Lush Ring


Mad Scientist Lab Coat (M) Head Mirror (M) Medical Belt

Male or Female

Robot Mechanical Hand Big Boots Brown Leather Med Belt Black Leather Med Belt Handheld tools Goggles


Steampunk Scientist 1 Scientist 2 Lab Coat Lab Coat w/ apron
Gloves Gloves 2 Goggles Head Mirror (F) Spikey Boots


black boots Black pants Black Vest & Blouse
Brown boots Brown leather pants Brown leather vest & blouse

Blood Red

Red Jacket Red Corset red sm trousers Red PB Trousers Red Skirt Red Layerable short skirt
Red Knee Boots Buckle Boots Red

Black Gold

Black Gold Jacket Black Gold Corset Black Gold SM Trousers Black Gold PBTrousers Black gold Platform Boots Black Gold Long Skirt Black gold short skirt
Black Gold Buckle Boots


Green Green Corset Green sm Green PB Trousers Green Green Short Skirt
Green knee boots Buckle Boots Green


Purple Jacket Corset Top Purple Legging sm Purple PB Trousers Long Skirt Purple Short Skirt
Purple Knee boots Buckle Boots Purple

Steampunk Cinched Corset Outfits
Green Gold Red Gold Black Gold
Green gold Blood red & gold Bootlet Gold

Rogue Outfits
Rogue 1 Rogue 2 Rogue 3 Rogue 4
Boots Black Boots Brown Strappy Brown Leather Big Boots
Top Hat Brown/Black Top Hat Black/Red

Vest Cravat Top Brown Leather Trousers BLK Leather Trousers BRN

~~ Shoes ~~
Back lace brown leather boots Laceup Knee Boots BLK Victorian Black boot Victorian Brown Leather Tan Victorian boots
Knee Boots Knee Boots Plat BLK Black Gold Buckle Boots Brown Leather Boots Thigh Boots Black gold thigh boots
Spats Boots Black gold boots 2

Black gold boot 1 Dark Gold Boots 1 Green boots 1 Gloriana Gold Orange boots

~~ Accessories ~~
Hands / Manicure
Lush Small Hands Lush SMall Hands Reg hands tools manicure

Lush Leather Gloves Lush Black Gold Gloves Med Nails
Gloves & Tool Nails Fingerless Gloves Beaded Gloves
black gold gloves Dark Gold Gloves Green Gloves Gloriana Orange Gold

Bowler Hat Military Hat Black Gold Lolita Top Hat Cameo Hat Cameo Hat 2 Cameo Hat
Black gold hat Dark Gold Hat Green hat Gloriana hat

Cameo Jewelry
Steampunk Teardrop Earrings Steampunk RustCameo Earrings Rust Cameo Choker Cameo Ring Rust
Mauve Cameo Earrings Mauve Cameo Choker Mauve Cameo Lush Ring
Cameo Choker 3d earrings Cameo Earrings Cameo Necklace Cameo Cuffs Lush Ring
Lace Collars
Steampunk Cameo Black Steampunk Cameo White Black cameo silver Black Pearl Black Gold Black Ruby Red Ruby

Brass Jewelry
Earrings 2 Earrings Gear Cuff (r)

Eye Patch Monocle Pince Nez Steampunk Goggles Steampunk Goggles 2
Left Armband Right armband PocketWatch Toolbelt