Harlow Satin Collection

If you love glamorous 1930's fashion, you'll love the Harlow Satin Collection.

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Satin Harlow
~~ Peek Into Jean Harlow's Closet ~~

Satin Gowns


Ivory Satin Gown Pale Pink Satin Gown Lilac Satin Gown Powder Blue Satin Gown Peach Satin Gown Seafoam Satin Gown Mauve Satin Gown Gold Satin Gown


Opal Satin Gown Black Pearl Satin Gown Black Gold Satin Gown Black Rose Satin Gown Emerald Satin Gown Sapphire Satin Gown Amethyst Satin Gown Ruby Satin Gown

~~ Matching Accessories ~~

Fur Stole
Ivory  Fur Pale Pink  Fur Lilac  Fur Powder Blue  Fur Peach  Fur Seafoam  Fur Mauve  Fur Gold Fur
Opal  Fur Black Pearl  Fur Black Gold  Fur Black Rose  Fur Emerald  Fur Sapphire  Fur Amethyst  Fur Ruby  Fur

Long Gloves
Ivory  Gloves Pale Pink  Gloves Lilac  Gloves Powder Blue  Gloves Peach  Gloves Seafoam  Gloves Mauve  Gloves Gold Gloves
Opal  Gloves Black Pearl  Gloves Black Gold  Gloves Black Rose  Gloves Emerald  Gloves Sapphire  Gloves Amethyst  Gloves Ruby  Gloves