The Tiger's Eye Collection

Tiger's Eye

If you love tiger's eye gemstones, you'll love The Tiger's Eye Collection.

The tiger's eye gemstone typically shines with streaks of gold and brown, resembling the luminscent eye of a cat, hence the name. Tiger's Eye is the Planetary stone for Gemini (May 21-Jun. 20) and the accepted gem for the ninth wedding anniversary. Legend has it that they were often worn by Roman soldiers heading into battle, in order that the warrior would have the "eye of the tiger" ferocity and good fortune.

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~~ Jewelry & Accessories ~~
Hoop Earrings Pendant Bracelet (L) Bracelet (R) Choker

~~ Shoes ~~
Tiger's Eye Stilettos
Gemstone Stiletto

Slingback Stiletto
Slingback Stiletto


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